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A Story of Triumph and Heritage


In Tribute to Our Bodies


Our customers have been enjoying Naturally Geechee products for years. Everyone desires a more natural healthy lifestyle. We specifically created organic and natural hair and skin care products to help address issues such as dry skin, eczema, and even hair loss.  Our products are made for all skin types and we invite you to join us in giving your body the treatment it deserves.

All Organic and Natural


Naturally Geechee products are all natural and organic and do not include artificial colors, flavors or scents. The original state of our product ingredients have not been altered and are maintained to provide the highest quality of protection and healing. The products are safe for everyone especially children and infants because of their sensitive skin. Try some of our products and experience natural healing with irresistible essential oil fragrances that soothes and protects hair and skin.


My Story


I was born Tremaine Eugena Moore on rural Johns Island off the coast of South Carolina.  Upon birth I was diagnosed with a rare lymphatic condition, Klippel Trenauny Weber Syndrome.  While I was fortunate enough to have a Mother who was always supportive, the condition would not only impact me physically, but caused me to be a very shy and timid little girl.  Although adventurous at heart, I grew into a young adult who felt uncomfortable with my body due the complications from my illness.


I was always a spiritual individual and believed that I could manifest my own destiny.  As a young adult I became very ill once again.  Even though I was under a doctor’s care, I knew I had to find holistic ways to heal. Hence my love of creating and science began to flourish. 

A major breakthrough moment was when I noticed how the food I ate and products I used were actually made my disease worse. I decided to buy only natural products and changed my diet and began to see noticeable changes in my condition. 

I fell in love with the natural me.  I wanted to protect and preserve my natural beauty. I began making creams for my natural hair and body. They were working so well for me I decided to share the products with friends and family in which they were overwhelmingly positively received.

Fueled with my new passion, I elected to go back to school where I focused on earning a degree in Chemistry.  Taking the knowledge that I learned from school combined with my own experiences became the catalyst for creating my own line of hair and skin care products.  Paying honor to my ancestral roots I changed my name to ‘Abenaa' . Furthermore, by embracing my heritage I decided to pay homage to my Gullah Geechee culture and named my products Naturally Geechee. My product line includes natural moisturizers for the hair and skin.  Naturally Geechee offer shampoos, lip balms, hair and body oils and body scrubs.

Your body is your temple and should be treated as such. Knowledge is power, and I embrace knowledge to guide me to being the best me I can be at all times. I hope the masses find my story as inspiration and take back their lives and start a natural healing journey with me.


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