Naturally Geechee


Hey You!


Thanks for stopping by! I have been making and enjoying my products for years. I realize we all are looking into living a more natural healthy lifestyle. This is why I have created hair and skin care products to help with issues many are plagued with including dry skin, eczema, and even hair loss. As we become more attentive to ingredients that are put in many foods our daily products also have many harmful ingredients we should be aware of.


Why Organic?

My products are all natural and organic. No artificial colors, flavors or scents. The original state of my products has not been changed or altered their original state has been maintained providing the highest quality of protection and healing. The products are safe for everyone especially children and infants because of their sensitive skin. Try some of my products and experience natural healing with irresistible essential oil fragrances that soothes and protects hair and skin.


Geechee Breeze

When I smell that particular scent, it reminds me of growing up on Johns Island and in the spring time you could smell the honeysuckles fragrance being carried through the air. Hence the name Geechee Breeze.

Try Geechee Breeze today it's like a flower bouquet with hints of citrus, floral notes and sweetness.


is a more masculine scent since I didn't start with scents for the men at all. The name comes from my Father's last name, Freeman. This is a name given to a freed man back in the more repressive days. This scent makes you feel empowered knowing that you command all the attention when walking in the room. The after scent will let all know someone strong has just walked pass.
Lift your confidence today with FreeMan strong scent of amber, lemon verbena, mysore, and sandlewood.


 I mean this really needs no explanation! My skin has been kissed by the sun and glows everyday with radiance. When I think of sunkissed I think of lemons freshly squeezed to make lemonade or to put in some sun tea. Sun tea that was made by letting the tea steep in the hot sun, no electricity required. My mother used to make sun tea and I remember breaking her huge glass jar she used to make the tea inside of. Sorry Mommy :)
Try some sunkissed and experience the fresh squeezed citrus smell of lemongrass and sage.

Other Products...

BabyBaby contains chamomile and lavender. Perfect for baby's and children or those restless nights.


Skittles with the sweet smell of skittles the young adult or anyone who loves those intense sweet scents will adore.



Pina Colada  a blend of coconut and pinapple for an invigorating tropical experience.



Herbal Sense for the hair, grab yours today contains rosemary and mint to help stimulate hair growth.